Senator Dillwilly, “Hello, My Name Is Senator Dillwilly”, 1995

Senator Dillwilly, “Hello, My Name Is Senator Dillwilly”, 1995

Chad Beck: vocals, guitar
Tad Daigle: guitar, vocals on “Deep Green Wine”
Peter Jacobs: bass
Dan Dougherty: drums

Recorded 11/20/1995 at Mirror Studios, Upland, Indiana
Produced by Jim Spiegel & The Senator
Engineered & mixed by Jim and Rob
Photos by Mike Stahopoulos
Artwork by Tad

Producer’s note:
“The music on this tape was recorded live one evening at my studio, using only five tracks, No overdubs were done except for vocals. Hence, this is, for all practical purposes, a live album. If you are like me, it will not take long for you to realize that there is something special brewing here. Not only are these guys excellent performers, they write great songs! They are also fun and easy to work with. I fully expect that Senator Dillwilly will “hit the big time,” and I consider myself fortunate to have been the first producer and engineer of this band destined for greatness.”

Side A: Kiss Hands
Twisting Trees
Space 88
Deep Green Wine
High School Picture
The Muses

Side B: Shake Babies
Pearl Of The Field
Sugar Grove
The Call Of Bob

Fuck, this tape is amazing. Difficult to describe, as it pulls from so many genres, but the songwriting is superb, the playing masterful, the vibe fresh and weird. Inventive and rocking. Ya just gotta listen to appreciate how good this is! The recording is not great, but that doesn’t matter; this is lo-fi indie-art-pop of the highest order, equal or better than anything Elephant 6 ever released. In an alternate universe, Senator Dillwilly made it big while Guided By Voices languished in obscurity.

Needless to say, Senator Dillwilly did not “hit the big time” off the runaway success of the Hello cassette. In May 1997, the band released a CD, Something Obvious, which includes four songs from this tape (couple fun reviews on Amazon), before moving to Austin, Texas, reinventing itself as Jackie Fly and putting out Click in 2000, and the Mastered Mixes EP and Room 36 LP in 2002.

I was unable to locate evidence of current activity by either group. Chad Beck (most recently seen as social media director for The Salt Lick BBQ in Austin) posted a silent, 38-minute video on YouTube last year, “In Memory of Tad Daigle, 1971–2023″ which sadly answers one question. Sigh.

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