Trey Clark, Leaving Via 701, undated

Trey Clark, Leaving Via 701, undated

Trey Clark: vocals, guitar

Recorded by David Ibbeken
Produced by David Ibbeken and Trey Clark

Side A
A Kiss From Me To You
Falling For Your Blue Eyes
My Baby’s Got A Hold On Me
I’ll Be Around

Side B
I Can’t Take The Fall (of falling in love)
A Girl Like You
Holding On To You
Dancing By The Light Of The Moon

Oddly, Trey Clark didn’t include a copyright year on this tape, so I can’t tell you when this quietly impressive collection of country love songs was recorded or released, although it’s most likely pre-1995.

I also can’t tell you for certain where he’s from, although all signs point to Houston, Texas (despite 701 South being entirely in South Carolina): there’s a currently active Trey Clark Band based in Houston (I’ve messaged the band on Facebook and awaiting confirmation and, hopefully, more information), and the guy on the J-card resembles this Houston-based guitarist and dog trainer, and a Trey Clark’s been nominated for a Houston Press Music Award. The fella’s written a book, too. Another source reports that Trey’s released four CDs, but I could only locate Never Drift Home from 2003; it’s definitely the same guy.

In any event, this tape is terrific, and listening now, it’s obvious why I held onto it. If you’re a country-music fan, give it a listen! (And if you happen to be a Trey Clark fan from Houston, this is your lucky day!)

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