Nate Ouderkirk, S/T, ca. 1994

Nate Ouderkirk, S/T, ca. 1994

Nate Ouderkirk: vocals, guitar?
Other players unknown

Side A
Psychosis Of Hip
Lucky To Be Alive
Please Myself

The J-card reveals neither credits nor recording year, which is a shame because the players deserve recognition for a sharp and solid performance on this three-song demo by singer/songwriter Nate Ouderkirk, which I will tentatively date to 1994, before the launch of in May 1995. If I recall correctly, this tape was among those I reviewed for the SonicNet BBS — the birthplace of Demo Universe.

Ouderkirk comes at Americana from an arty, jazzy perspective, and the work holds up. “Psychosis Of Hip” — which appears on his sole CD, Perfect Wave (1996) — remains a banger 30 years later. RIYL Bruce Coburn, Dave Matthews.

I’ve found no evidence that Nate is currently active, but here he is in 2010, in a lively performance posted by drummer Chris DeRosa:

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