Hari Karaoke, S/T, 1993

Hari Karaoke, S/T, 1993

Doug Hitchcock: drums, Yamaha RY30, treatments, tapes, samples, bells
Sal Cataldi: guitar on “Tropical Depression” and “Hit List”, acoustic guitar on “DeNatured”
Malcolm Smart: five-string bass on “Tropical Depression”
Percy Jones: five-string fretless bass on “DeNatured” and “Hit List”
Richard Brinka: tenor saxophone on “Tropical Depression” and “Hit List”
Jimmy Ollen: tenor saxophone on “Tropical Depression”
Sam Brooks: saxophone on “Hit List”
Po Gyzer: wah-wah keys on “DeNatured”
Jim Seeley: trumpet on “Hit List”
Bob Madiou: guitar on “Hit List”

Produced by D. Hitchcock and Mick Cantarella
Recorded by Mich Cantarella at Grampa Studios, Brooklyn, NY

Side A
Tropical Depression
Hit List (Goodbye, Sun Ra)*

Program repeats on Side B. No Dolby! Use headphones if you got ’em

Three wild tracks of avant-garde jazz fusion created by longtime stalwarts on the Brooklyn music scene: drummer/producer Doug Hitchcock and guitarist Sal Cataldi, backed by a passel of superb players (including the Welsh bassist Percy Jones of Brand X and Soft Machine!), all of whom turn in fine performances throughout.

Hitchcock and Cataldi later released two CDs as Hari Karaoke Trio Of Doom: Escape Velocity (1996) and Gealago (2001)

Now based in Saugerties, NY, Cataldi just this month (June 2024) he released a digital single, “As Tears Go By“, the latest in a deep catalog of recordings on his Spaghetti Eastern Music label. Robert “Bob” Madiou can be hired as a one-man band. Jim Seeley won a Grammy. Sam Brooks is still performing in Lancaster, PA.

Hitchcock, whose credits include work with The Embarassment and Freedy Johnston, now lives in Kansas City, Missouri, where he works as a substitute teacher. Mick Cantarella, whose Grampa Studios churned out scores of great recordings over two decades (including a few by Brand X), is now a professional photographer.

*Sun Ra died in Birmingham, AL, on May 30, 1993, at the age of 79.

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