Young Lords, Bucket!, 1992

Young Lords, Bucket!, 1992

Bob Nicksic: guitar
Chuck Tipton: vocals
Jerome Mansfield: guitar
Jeff Lee: drums
Paul Kasprzak: bass

Recorded by Mike Kelsey at The Playground, Lafayette, IN, February 1991
Cover design and layout by Al Wirtes

Side A
Power Ballad

Side B
Blood Kiss

Recorded around the same time as bassist Paul Kasprzak‘s solo cassette, Paul-O-Riffic (also the name of his publishing company and label), this full-band recording delivers five satisfying slabs of majestic, forceful early ’90s rock.

According to the Indiana Musicpedia, Young Lords were “probably one of the first Indiana bands to feature the alternative/grunge sound popularized by Soundgarden, Pearl Jam and Nirvana,” which makes Bucket! uniquely historic (although it wasn’t their first release; that would be a self-titled LP released on noted Las Vegas-based indie Behemoth Records (Drunks With Guns, Crawlspace)). The 1993 CD Down marked the end of the road for this pioneering Midwest rock band.

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