Gluegun, Stuck You!, 1992

Gluegun, Stuck You!, 1992

Noli Novak: lead vocals
Paddy Mike: drums, vocals
Jeff Scios: bass, vovals
Jerry Cornwell: all guitars

Recorded at Water Music in Hoboken, NJ
Engineered by Jon Rosenberg
Special thanks for mixing to Robert Kasper

Sticky Side A
Scratch My Back

Stickier Side B
Fantasy Baby
Cannibal Girl

A drummer moves to New York City from Pennsylvania,
a guitar player comes to N.Y.C. from Florida,
a singer moves to N.Y.C. from Croatia,
and they meet a bass player from New Jersey.
They inspire each other, they record
music together and they call it
Gluegun music.
The rest is the future…

Stuck You! J-card notes

Belying the band members’ disparate origins, this fun tape fairly oozes snotty, snarly, New York City street-punk-rock attitude. Gluegun should not be confused with the similarly named LA punk band Glue Gun, which was active at the same time — and which briefly changed its name because our friends here got there first!

Gluegun went on to self-release a CD, Itch, in 1993 (produced by Luke DeLalio, who the year before produced my band’s second album); and a 7″ single, “Marzipan” b/w “Girlfriend”. Renamed Novak Seen, they put out a self-titled CD in 1996 on Germany’s Rebel Records.

Noli Novak married guitarist George “Jerry” Cromwell, moved to Jacksonville, Florida, suburb of Riverside — and produced an iconic body of work creating the famous “stipple” portraits for the Wall Street Journal! Visit Noli’s web site; it’s great!

What a Universe!

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