Cardinal Woolsey, S/T, 1994

Cardinal Woolsey, S/T, 1994

Elissa Moser: bass, vocals?
Alison Harvey: bass, vocals?
Eddy Zweiback: drums
Robert LaRoche: guitar, vocals?
Debbie Schwartz, guitar, vocals?
Kris Woolsey: vocals, guitar

Recorded at Excello, Brooklyn w Gil & Bruce

Side One
Hey Tell Me
I Get A Rush
Endless Summer

Ah yes, another member of that close-knit group of talented pop-meisters — Philco Bendyx, Lotion, Johnny Skilsaw, The Cogs, Bite The Wax Godhead, etc., etc. — who were knocking around the East Village in the mid-1990s. Nostalgia, what a bitch! Fading memory also sucks, because although I knew these guys very well back then, shared stages even, other than aside from Eddy and Kris, I can’t say for sure who plays on this tape!

When Puddle Records (a micro label run by JenCon frontman Lenny Zenith and his then-girlfriend Anne Karle) put out “Hey Tell Me” as a 7″ single in ’94, Elissa Moser was credited on bass, and Robert LaRoche on guitar, but when “Hey Tell Me” appeared that same year on a New Music Seminar compilation, The Most Famous Bands You’ve Never Heard Of Vol.2, Alison Harvey was named as bass player, and my old friend Debbie Schwartz got the guitar & vocal nod. Who the fuck knows? It was 30 years ago! Maybe one of the band members will help me sort it out.

Where are they now?
Elissa Moser Linoes lives in Los Angeles and plays upright bass in Abby Posner‘s band.

Eddy Zweiback has enjoyed a long career as a session drummer, playing in a shitload of bands. Now based in New Orleans, he’s currently behind the kit with the roots-rock band Loose Cattle (improbably led by ex-Broadway star Michael Cerveris).

Robert LaRoche lives in Austin and has been continuously active as a singer-songwriter.

Debby Schwartz (ex-Aquanettas and Airlines), who’s lived in Hoboken a long time, released a solo record, Wrongs Of Passage, on Mercury, and lately has been singin’ and strumming with Psych-O-Positive.

Kris Woolsey was a long-standing member of the Kustard Kings, house band for Joe McGinty‘s famous “Loser’s Lounge” series of tribute concerts in NYC. (Lenny Zenith has been a featured vocalist equally as long.) He’s now based in Nashville.

I couldn’t track down Alison Harvey.

Cardinal Woolsey is unusually well-recorded for self-released cassettes of the time, thanks to the talented engineers at Brooklyn’s reknowned Excello Studio, among them Bruce Hathaway of Love Camp 7. RIYL Sugar, Matthew Sweet, and drunken reminiscing about Brownie’s and the Luna Lounge.

2 thoughts on “Cardinal Woolsey, S/T, 1994

  1. I loved this band! I’m also remember the 1996 The East Village CD compilation, which featured  Jen Con, Philco Bendyx, Battershell, Johnny Skilsaw, Mommy, Baby Steps and of course… Bite The Wax Godhead

    I had a chance to play with Eddy Zweiback and Kris Woolsey in a band put together to play Burt Bacharach covers for Lenny Zenith’s wedding – what a pleasure. Eddy is still based in NYC, is a member of the Loser’s Lounge backup combo, and is a sweetheart.

    1. Do you remember who put together that comp, Alec? None other than ex-Hungry Dutchmen frontman Tony Faske! And do you recall why? It was the soundtrack to what was allegedly the first “cyber soap opera” about hot young people banging around the East Village. The company behind it was Marinex Multimedia, a doomed venture briefly mentioned in this old New York Times article about another doomed venture.

      I was at Lenny’s wedding, at the beautiful Unitarian church in Brooklyn with the Tiffany windows. Jenifer Convertible also played at the reception. What fun!

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