Wives, Somthin’s Burnin, 1994

Wives, Somthin’s Burnin, 1994

Susan Horwitz: guitar, vocals
Mary Dunham: bass, backing vocals
Tracy Almazan

Side A
Rhymes With Milk
Paper Trail

So much has changed since the Wives shared a rehearsal room in The Music Building on Eighth Avenue with my old band Jenifer Convertible. Guitarist Susan Horwitz has retired from zee rock, which is a goddamn shame for me, but good for her, I assume. Mary Dunham now goes by Mary Zdrga, but still plays bass like a fiend in the successful blues-rock band Jane Lee Hooker, along with Tracy Almazan, n/k/a Tracy Hightop, who, a la Dave Grohl, stepped away from the drum kit and strapped on a guitar to play lead — which is a wild notion to anyone who experienced Tracy’s pyrotechnic drumming in person! (Grohl is an inferior talent by comparison, especially when you consider that Almazan also did a stint on bass with Nashville Pussy!)

Ah well, there’s no going back to those wild and sweaty nights at the Continental, but thanks to Lou Ottens we can close our eyes and imagine…

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