Torpedos, Running with Scissors, 1991

Torpedos, Running with Scissors, 1991

Mark Beer: guitars, backing vocals
Paul Kmiotek: bass, vocals
Frank Nardozza: guitars
Rich Russo: drums

Special thanks to Joel Bachrach: Keyboards on “Winnebago”, “Carrion” & “Reach”
Songs by P.K. except “Best of All” by P.K. & M.B.
Recorded Spring 1991 at Underground Studios, Oradell, NJ, except “Carrion,” recorded live 4-90 at some hellhole in N.J.
Position: High Cr02 with Dolby (Only the best for our fans)

Side One
Tunnel Bunny Sue
Best Of All
The Black Winnebago
Every Minute
I Wonder

Side Two
Your Daughters Lips
St Valentines Day Massacre
Out Of Reach

The Torpedos didn’t last long, but they were damn good when they were around. Running With Scissors is a tight 14-song collection of scrappy, melodic garage-rock with glam elements. I can hear Mott The Hoople‘s Ian Hunter in Mark Beer‘s vocals. Catchy melodies, hot playing, just good rock n’ roll music, kids!

Members of Torpedos have continued to collaborate over the years, most recently on 2020’s Fourteen Years by the band Swan Toss, featuring Joel Bacharach, Beer, and Paul Kmiotek now resides in upstate New York and is an award-winning graphic artist. While the others kept their day jobs, Rich Russo turned pro; he’s been Andrew W.K.‘s drummer since 2002, and works as production manager for Tower Of Power.

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