Paul Kasprzak, Paul Kasprzak is…Paul-O-Riffic, 1992

Paul Kasprzak, Paul Kasprzak is…Paul-O-Riffic, 1992

Elias Sabbagh: drums
Jerome Mansfield: guitar & harmonica on “Sorry Now”
Paul Kasprzak: everything else

Cover design & layout: Al (O-Riffic) Wirtes
Recorded by Mike Kelsey at The Playground, Lafayette, IN

Side One
River Of Fear
Crashing Down
Parting Of The Ways
Crucifixion Party Girl
Land Of Temptation

Side Two
Down Hard
Sorry Now
Nothing But Everything
Bleeding Knuckles Crying

Paul Kasprzak was in the band Young Lords when he made this solo tape; I suspect that I held on to this tape because of my affection for the Lords. I’ll get around to reviewing them at some point. This is a fun tape, albeit not well recorded; the flanger effect on the drums gets tired fast. But the songwriting and musicianship is solid, and Paul’s snotty, snarly vocals sound like a cross between J. Mascis and Jim Carroll.

Paul later moved from Gas City, Indiana, to Chicago, where he made several albums with Rock Star Club. After a stint in the Misfits tribute band Devilounge, he released albums as Indiana Bandana and, most recently, Outburst on the 66, with whom he was still performing as recently as 2022.

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