nûs, Name The Shadows, 1994

nûs, Name The Shadows, 1994

Percy Howard: singing, words, morose affectations
Steve Sullivan: guitars, synths, positive vibes
Rich Kazanjian: bass, “Phattness”*
Greg Cain: drums, synths & samples, The Dominant Groove

*All words, Percy Howard ©1994
All Music: Cain, Sullivan, Howard, Kazanian ©1994
** “The Alchemist”, Words arranged by P. Howard from the Ezra Pound poem of the same title, permission pending, thanks to the great master for inspiration.
*** Spoken words intro to “Delicious” by Charles Baudelaire
Orchestral intro on “Crucible” arranged and performed by Greg Cain

Graphic design by David Taylor, Input/Output Design [916] XXX-XXXX
nûs information and booking [916] XXX-XXXX
“Name The Shadows” was recorded for $360.00 and superbly engineered by Darin Keatley

Side A
Where Are This Lady’s Hours
Difference (Derrida)
The Alchemist**

Side B
The Dangerous Year [Bonus Track]

Taking its album’s title from Plato‘s Allegory of the cave and paying homage to Ezra Pound, Sacramento’s nûs could never be mistaken for a post-punk band. Embracing literate, Peter Gabriel-esque prog-jazz in 1994 was bold, but it paid off, as the following year, nûs was signed to Sub Rosa Records and recording their debut LP, All The Vertical Angels with Bill Laswell at his Greenpoint Studios. (It wasn’t a great experience; read Percy’s tale on Discogs.)

Percy Howard went on to release two solo albums in the ’90s, on the Italian label Materiali Sonori; the first with Laswell, the second featuring Vernon Reid. He self-released The Stars & The Well last year on Bandcamp and it’s very good!

Greg Cain has set aside the drum kit and now uses “flutes, guitars, voices, percussion and keyboards” to create ambient music “for meditation, relaxation, inspiration.” Visit his web site to check that out.

Steve Sullivan joined Howard on the 1999 LP with Reid, and both he and Howard have collaborated with Sacramento-based electronic percussionist and composer Martin Birke as part of his long-running Genre Peak project, including 2013’s 9 Microspheres.

Rich “Kaz” Kazanjian remains active on the Sacramento scene as performer, composer, and studio owner/engineer. He’s got lots of music on Soundcloud if you’re interested.

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