Eeyore Termite Temple, S/T, 1992

Eeyore Termite Temple, S/T, 1992

Troy Fiscella
Tristana Fiscella
Scott H.

side once
i’d like to live on the sun
destroy what you may
a fly gollum’s mantra
prosperous cannibal
how’d he doo-dee time
the cheez-whiz entropy coatrack theory
a [drawing of a wormlike thing with a human head] ate my [drawing of a snail]
flintstone kids, etc.
stop language
head in the sink for forty years
the mock turtle swings
lonely with you
a nation of dreamless sleep
la debilidad
give bell-bottoms a chance
the fly’s prayer
a song to come home to
pee-jig of a pug
nworb eilrahc
this mortal tool
i feel sorry for the children
omar turns and returns

sighed twice
in the playground
atlantis rises from the middle of kansas
7 year old centenarian
thee tooth ov thee matter
private enemy
a spray-painted tree
marshmallow chandelier
billion letters in no meaningful order
splashing barns
snuggle with slothes
crawled into as hell
charlie brown is a skinhead
aurora paralysis
an ode to aunt rosemary’s tattooes
all the things a tree must know
charlie brown is a deadhead
meat me in the playground
all the time a tree must wait

Eeyore Termite Temple was one of many noms fous of the band Eeyore Power Tool (Eeyore Fiend Magnet, Eeyore Prayer Tool, and Eeyore Ass Guzzler, etc.), a mad creation of the Fiscella siblings, founders of the then-San Franscisco-based label Eerie Materials (now operating out of Singapore), home of fellow chaos agents Caroliner, Negativeland, Man Of Astroman? and, infamously, the Evolution Control Commitee. As you might expect (or should IYK) Eeyore Termite Temple is a wild and wooly, ultra-lo-fi mindtrip, scuzzy and weird in the best possible way. An essential slice of mid-period cassette culture, gloriously half-assed, naive and knowing, artsy as fuck and a total hoot.

WFMU in a bottle, basically.

Listen to more Eerie Materials and buy some crazy-ass shit at the label’s web site.

2 thoughts on “Eeyore Termite Temple, S/T, 1992

  1. My claim to fame: I wrote the Eeyores a letter once, saying, “You should write a song called ‘Marshmallow Chandelier,'” et… voila! I still have this tape somewhere…

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