Poem Rocket, S/T, 1994

Poem Rocket, S/T, 1994

Michael Peters: vocals, guitar
Sandra Gardner: vocals, bass
Andrew Nelson: drums

Recorded at Funhouse Studios by William Weber and Jerry Teel

Period (Interval of Time Required for A Cyclic Motion)
Carbon Black (1333-86-4)
Blue Chevy Impala

Formed in Brooklyn in 1992, Poem Rocket released its first 7″ single, “Period (punctuation or the amount of time required for a cyclic movement to occur)” b/w “Flaw”, on Bear Records in 1994, but before that, this four-song demo tape appeared in my Sunnyside POB. “Period” (with a different title from the single) leads off, followed by the B-side, “Flaw”. “Carbon Black (1333-86-4)” (again with a different title) appeared as “Carbon Black Fade Out (W/Slight Animal Planter Reprise)” on the B-side of 1995’s “Small White Animal” 7″, released by PCP Entertainment and distributed by Matador Records. That same year, “Blue Chevy Impala” was the A-side of a Bear 10″, and PCP put out the band’s Felix Culpa CD, a singles/ rarities compilation that included all four of these songs.

Recorded by William Weber and Jerry Teel from the band Chrome Cranks (likely one of the first recordings* at Funhouse Recording Studio, originally just a rehearsal space on E. 4th St. & Ave. B), Poem Rocket is harsh and dark, a classic example of the experimental noise-rock oozing out of the East Village in the early to mid 1990s. I can’t recall whether I reviewed this pre-internet demo as Andy Glass for The Musicians Exchange, or under my real name for my “Demorandum” column in Alternative Press, but the fact that this cassette is still sitting in my desk 30 years later — and still sounds fantastic — is a testament to its staying power.

By the way, I am very aware that this is my first post to Demo Universe in more than four years. What inspired my return? Poem Rocket’s return! To the surprise of everyone, the band will reunite for a performance on Saturday, August 31, 2024, as part of Dromedary Records’ DromFest ’24 festival in Catskill, NY. My band will perform the following day, and I plan to return this rare recording to the band.

Update: Poem Rocket confirms to me on Facebook: “These were indeed the first non-Cranks recordings done at Funhouse. William Weber charged us $5 per song.” A helluva bargain!

Out of respect for a reactivated band, no downloads are allowed on this one.

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