Command Module: Self Titled, 1995

Command Module: Self Titled, 1995

Mario writes a great letter, and I really enjoy this music. The sound here is of smart people thinking. Come back! Don’t be skeered. CM won’t impose any conclusions on you; no artsy manifestos will be recited. This is sound of process, dig? The totally fascinating quest of four rock musicians attempting to reinvent jazz, without necessarily knowing it ever existed. “Totally Incorrect” sure sounds like jazz, but they might just as well be copping from Shudder To Think, or more deeply, King Crimson. A patchwork of brilliance and mere real-goodness, this tape catches Command Module at the start of what hopefully will prove a long and fruitful journey.

Jim Santo’s Demo Universe, December, 1995

Jon Allen
Mario Costello
Ethan Lebovics

Side A
Doppler Shift II
Hill People
Anthes Mobile
Doppler I

Side B
Totally Incorrect
Hail! The Black Swan!
Song for Mikhail Mil

Clearly the journey was long; this St. Paul, MN, improvy-math-rocky band was active as of 2011-12. One hopes it was fruitful, because this ribbon really holds up. Ethan Lebovics is project production manager at the Science Museum of Minnesota, which sounds like a totally rad job! Tracking down the other cats was fruitless. I wish I still had Mario’s letter, but so it goes.

UPDATE: New music from Jon and Ethan!

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  1. Hey Jim, thanks for the kind words. Ethan and I are still working, as Command Casual. Mario is safely ensconced in California with his wife and children, and we are regularly in contact with him.

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