The Black Mollies: Nobody Understands EP, 1995

The Black Mollies: Nobody Understands EP, 1995

Cathy Herrera: Drums
Paul Himmelein: Bass
Ken Rizzo: Guitar, vocals

1. Quiet Girl
2. I Miss You
3. Nobody Understands

Ran into Paul Himmelein and Ken Rizzo late one night out on Third Avenue. “Hey, it’s two members of The Niagaras!” I shouted, and they blushed. Seems they quit NYC’s premier goof-pop band months ago. Oops! No hard feelings, they gimme this tape. Gotta love it: Three snappy rockers with serious British Invasion qualities, subverted by sly lyrics. The title song is my fave, contrasting total rave-up garage-rock with absurdly depressing words: “I can’t shake this dark feeling inside/I don’t quite know what to do with it/I just want to lay down here and die/It’s starting to rain/I’m getting wet.” Hah! Didn’t Morrissey start this way?

Jim Santo’s Demo Universe, July 18, 1995

Three years after this cassette, The Black Mollies followed up with a three-song CD, Take A Little Time; I never heard from them again. As far as I can tell, not one member of this band has been active musically in recent years, which is a pity; this ribbon rips!

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