The Great Brain: Five Song Demo, ca 1995

The Great Brain: Five Song Demo, ca 1995

Michael Conroy: bass/guitar
Daniel Kiely: drums
Charan Ranganath: guitars
Brent Ritzel: guitars/bass

Same on both sides
1. Process of Attrition
2. Strawberry Flan
3. Look! It’s Calculus
4. Linda Lavin
5. You Became The Angry Chimes

Oh this is a great one. Roaring, Slinty, mid-90’s math rock out of Chicago. I had lost all the info on this one (if I ever had it), but Discogs led me to a couple seven-inchers floating around out there. That in turn led to this video made from one of those platters:

And that led me to the band’s Facebook page, where I immediately learned that The Great Brain has its entire catalog up on Spotify, as well as on Bandcamp, so’s you can buy that shit.

Honestly, the Internet can be lovely sometimes.

Four of the five songs on this demo appear on the LP Algorithm (Throwrug Records, 1997). “Look! It’s Calculus” is, as far as I can determine, unreleased. Because these songs are currently available from the band, downloads are disabled for this recording, sorry!

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