Brocas Area: Taedium Vitae, 1997

Brocas Area: Taedium Vitae, 1997

John Sosnowski: Everything

Side A:
1. Synchopath/Antigone
2. You’re Just Guessing
3. Lung Scrubber
4. Ship (wrecked)
5. Very Large Array
6. The Dora Jar

Side B:
1. Edithead/Eyes Aglaze/Ponies on Ice
2. Taedium Vitae pt.1/Taedium Vitae pt.2
3. Vertiginous
4. If You Get Hit/Obsolete

The smoothest, grooviest, most accessible Broca’s Area release to date, and that’s not a bad thing. Sounds to me as if Sosnowski’s been listening to a lot of Future Sound of London, although given my patchy grasp of electronica, that could be totally off-base. In any event, the subliminal menace that is BA’s trademark is intact; uneasiness pervades even the most mellow tracks. The sonic depth of this tape is impressive; slap on your headphones and prepare for free fall. BA’s blend of the organic and electronic-cosmic reminds me of the fantastic paintings of Alexis Rockman, featured recently on Word.

Demo Universe, 1998

Alas,, that early experiment in High Web Art, is no more, but Alexis Rockman is still kicking it, as is Frequent Universe Visitor John Sosnowski. Predating the intently loop-based Cystem, the music he made as Broca’s Area is generally more free-form, trippy, and cinematic. It holds up incredibly well, and would doubtless be embraced by today’s more erudite DJs. The Lot Radio, are you listening?

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