Squirrels From Hell: Evil Genus, 1996

Squirrels From Hell: Evil Genus, 1996

Joe Con: Guitar, vocals
Roger Morrison: Guitar, vocals
Darian Minnick: Drums, vocals
WILL: Bass, vocals

1. Hat
2. Sleep Disturbance
3. Things We Had
4. Pen
5. So Happy
6. Doorbell
7. Every Day

Established in 1976 during the first wave of NYC punk, SFH was already an eminence grise of the downtown scene when this classic cassette emerged. The wild-eyed, surreal gems “Hat” and “Things We Had” by the legendary Joe Con (R.I.P.), and harsh, dark punkstones like “Pen” and “Doorbell” thrown by WILL (a/k/a Will Duggan) are essential.

True to their self-adopted moniker as “The Band That New York City Couldn’t Kill”, Will and the Squirrels have soldiered on following the death of founder Joe Con. The current line-up includes longtime SFH drummer and vocalist Larry Brown, and the husband and wife team of Doug Teague (guitar, vocals), and Del Teague (keyboards, vocals). Check ’em out on Facebook.

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