Eyelight: S/T, 1998

Eyelight: S/T, 1998

Jehn Cerron: Vocals, beats, samples, loops

Side A
1. Soft Feed from “Starcrash” 94
2. Skittish from “Bro” 92
3. Tell Me A Story 94
4. Wind Blowin’ 98
5. Candle Light 98
6. from “Beat Demos” 97
7. from “Starcrash” 94
8. live at Caffe da Vinci, Lakeland, FL 95
9. reprise

Side B – Beat Demos 12/97
1. Set Yr Soul Aside
2. Little Rock ‘n’ Sway
3. Nightear
4. Jumprope
5. Fallen Snow
6. Soon
7. Leave Again Today
8. She’s In Light (original demo)

An especially fine cabinet of wonders, Eyelight gathers choice spells from several years’ of Jehn Cerron’s conjuring. Multiple versions of “Candle Light” vividly illustrates her artistic breadth (and breath), while on Side B, sub-titled “Beat Demos 12/97”, Jehn gets her groove on with a convincing trip-hop set, augmenting her dreamy pipes with beats and samples. Very cool.

Not sure if I have any more Eyelight to share with you, but there’s quite a bit of her music on the site now, so have at it!

P.S. Jehn sweetly included a posed photo of her daughter Aislin, born May 1996. That cute little girl is 22 years old now!

Eyelight: S/T, 1998

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