Eyelight: 4 Songs, 1994

Eyelight: 4 Songs, 1994

Jehn Cerron: Vocals, loops


Somewhere along the line, I lost the packaging for this tape, so I don’t know the titles of these four songs. Maybe Jehn will help me out. In any event, please enjoy this mesmerizing swim through Eyelight’s vocal ocean.

UPDATE 12/23/98: ” I recorded this as a challenge to make what I could using only voice and a Fisher Price music box that played Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. The theme was “Starcrash”, and I heard and sang essentially chaos and searching in limbo. Lost souls, if you would. And being a voice that would call home. It’s a space I don’t occupy anymore☺️” — Jennifer Hovsepian a/k/a Jehn Cerron

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