Dan Cray: Wetbrain, 1997

Dan Cray: Wetbrain, 1997

Dan Cray: Everything

Recorded drunk & disheveled, in the Rubber Rubber Room, in the space between 1996 & 1997.

1. Wetbrain
2. School Bus (The Ballad Of)
3. Little Help
4. You’re Alone
5. Second Skin
6. Reunion Cafe
7. Bly
8. The Haircut

‘Appropriately recorded on “a dying four-track,” Wetbrain is a depressing portrait of squandered potential: “Wetbrain, you’re all dried up/You burned out the muse/with your holy confusion bunk/It’s all bad, you’re no Rag Man/You slipped from prodigy to prodigal/from pissed off to just plain sad.” Just the thing for a quiet evening home alone, eh? Cray’s vision cuts awfully close to the bone, and if I didn’t know he survived to record the equally brilliant Foul Berth, I’d be worried about the guy. Actually, I’m still worried, but this stuff is so corrosively gorgeous I’m gonna trust him to stay alive long enough for someone to discover his genius. Hope it’s soon.’ — Demo Universe, 1998

As promised, here is, I believe, the first cassette Dan sent me. What an introduction! The majestic Bukowski fever dream that is the title track is reason enough to click play, but hang in for the harrowing remainder. Wetbrain makes Tonight’s The Night sound like Harvest.

Dan Cray: Wetbrain, 1997

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