Wade: S/T, 1995

Wade: S/T, 1995

Catchy pop songs with supercharged guitars and powerful drumming…a gritty-voiced vocalist singing introspective songs about depression, isolation, self-hate and suicide…no, it’s not Nirvana, but the next best thing: Wade. Okay, so it’s not the most original sound in the world, but they still kick ass. The regrettably muddy production of this tape can’t mask the strength of their songs nor the intensity of their performance. Look, if you kids can push Foo Fighters to the top of the charts, why not give Wade a chance? How great it would be to hear “Skirt” blaring from car radios everywhere. C’mon, let’s do it! — Demo Universe


Side A:
1. Written All Over
2. Ode To Glenn
3. Waiting On A Train
4. Atom Bomb
5. Pushover
6. Your Scene
7. Melancholy
8. Specimen

Side B:
1. Blue Sky
2. Better Off
3. By My Patience
4. Montinero
5. Jane
6. Karen
7. Skirt
8. For The One

Needless to say, the “kids” declined to push Wade to the top of the charts, which is why, having long ago lost the J-card that came with this professionally duplicated cassette, I cannot tell you who was in the band, nor what they are doing now. (I’m fairly sure it’s not the punk band from Newcastle upon Tyne.) If anyone out there was in this band, or knows somebody, please get in touch!

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