Cystem: A Severed Head (single), 1998

Cystem: A Severed Head (single), 1998

A hardstep single from a known artist (in this Universe, anyway) who wishes to remain anonymous and so asked that I omit his name and address from this review. He has nothing to be ashamed of; the track rocks, although the minimal techno style is less interesting to me than the artist’s more involved illbient and soundtrack work. Whatever, ya gets four mixes to play with and they’re all good, so get it. — Demo Universe

John Sosnowski: Loops, samples, programming, mixing

1. A Severed Head
2. A Severed Head (rhythm track)
3. svrd hd (ffwd)
4. svrd hd (fbwd)

“Jesus Christ! There’s a severed head on the TV!” This was first of three recordings I reviewed by Cystem (later revealed to be our old pal John Sosnowski, a/k/a Broca’s Area), and thus the beginning of John’s journey into loop-based composition, which continues to this day, as far I know. If you dig this, he’s got a bunch more tracks for you to hear on SoundClick (along with a collection of Broca’s Area material).

Cystem: A Severed Head, 1998

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