Johnny Skilsaw: 3 Songs, ca 1996

Johnny Skilsaw: 3 Songs, ca 1996

Jay Wasco: Vocals, Swiss Army Bass
Mark Hütchins: Backing vocals, Octopussy (a homegrown sample-trigger device made of destroyed drum hardware & vacuum hose)
Nick Dicorato: Drums

Side one (only)
1. Death Of A Cynic
2. Treadmill For Two
3. I Am The Walrus

“Death Of A Cynic” and the Beatles cover here were supposed to be on Skilsaw’s debut LP, Stuffed and Motorized. The album was to be released by TAG/Atlantic Records back in the fall/winter of 1996-1997, but was shelved after the merger of Time Warner Inc. and Turner Broadcasting System, and the subsequent elimination of TAG as an Atlantic imprint. Jay’s got the whole album available for streaming, if you’re interested — and by gosh, why wouldn’t you be?

As with the band’s self-titled 1991 debut, the crucial cut on this tape is “Treadmill For Two”; I don’t know why it didn’t make the album. Here’s Skilsaw destroying the song onstage in 1996:

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