nina57: Medication here I Come Again!, 1999

nina57: Medication here I Come Again!, 1999

Solo rock from Nina, who accompanies herself with electric guitar (mostly) on this lo-fi 4-track recording. Double-tracked vocals, a common crutch for insecure vocalists, robs this tape of some intimacy, while failing to disguise Nina’s pitch problems. And yet, Medication Here I Come Again! is not without its good points. Nina’s guitar playing is not flashy but strong and sure, and her energy is infectious. Hope to hear more and better in the future! — Demo Universe, December 6, 1999

All songs written by nina57 except #7 written by Scott Tapio & nina57
Recorded on crap-ioca 4-track may 98′ – may 99′
Lack of sleep, lack of health, and lack of medication!!!

1. Day Old & Solid
2. This Is Not My Home
3. MTV Music Awards
4. Leveled
5. Dying Audience
6. When Did You Become a Hippy?
7. Orange Slice

Here’s a charming, and sometimes silly, bit of late ’90s, lo-fi, indie rock from Nina Kyle, a/k/a nina57. Fans of Throwing Muses, Dinosaur Jr. and their ilk will surely dig this. I actually saw Nina perform many years ago when she fronted a punk-rock band that included my cousin-in-law, bassist Gerard Smith. (I don’t think either of us realized we had a prior connection; I just figured that out now!) Originally from New Canaan, CT, Nina now lives in Atlanta, where she is a dog walker and pet sitter. She also sells vintage toys on Etsy.

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