Zolty Cracker, Demo, 1995

Zolty Cracker, Demo, 1995

Gilles Zolty: Lead vocals, guitar
Annie Wilkinson: Bass, accordion, vocals, cello
Wayne Adams: Drums, percussion, harmonica, vocals

Side One (only)
1. Skeptical Pig
2. Heavy
3. L’immigrant

This wild and wooly folk-punk trio from Vancouver, British Columbia, might remind you of Violent Femmes (“Skeptical Pig”). Or acoustic Led Zeppelin (“Heavy”). Or possibly fur trapping (“L’immigrant”). It’s that kind of band.

After ZC, Gilles Zolty made a few solo albums, and in 2007 produced a compilation album of young aboriginal hip hop artists, Burden of Truth. Currently living in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, he works as a sound designer. Annie Wilkinson played bass on The Waterboys’ 2006 LP Book Of Lightning, and may or may not be a children’s book illustrator. Wayne Adams runs a recording studio in Vancouver.

Here’s the official music video for “Driver” from the band’s 1995 album Go Please Stay:

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