Daniel Cartier, Milk, 1994

Daniel Cartier, Milk, 1994

Daniel Cartier: Lead & background vocals, 12-string and six-string acoustic guitars, electric guitars, lead guitar solo, bass guitars, percussion, piano & vibes
Bruce Berman: Six-string acoustic guitars, electric guitar, piano, percussion, backing vocals on “Time Keeps Me Wondering”
Johnny Indovina: Electric guitars & guitar effects, percussion, background vocals on “Time Keeps Me Wondering”
Sean Grissom: Cello
Joe McGinty: Hammond B3 organ
Derek Murphy: Drums
Patrick Cerria: Percussion on “Sugar If You Fall”

Side One (only)
1. Looking For A New World
2. Time Keeps Me Wondering
3. Fall On Me (Live-Acoustic)
4. Sugar If You Fall
5. Walk Away

Earnest, striking acoustic-rock on this early cassette from Daniel Cartier, whose quavering tenor recalls Bryan Ferry, Tim Buckley, and Cat Stevens. The tattooed troubadour took a wild ride on the music-biz roller coaster and nearly lost himself, but ended up a survivor. Now based in Nashville, his newest album is Exeter and you can buy it here.

Bruce Berman, who produced this tape, was a successful touring guitarist (Jaco Pastorious) and session player (Mark Mothersbaugh) for many years, then got into the jingle business, and most recently co-founded the audio tech company Heavy Digital Audio. LA-based Johnny Indovina has led the band Human Drama since 1985; the group recently released its first album in 15 years. Sean Grissom has made his name busking in the NYC subways as The Cajun Cellist. Joe McGinty joined The Psychedelic Furs and founded The Loser’s Lounge. Derek Murphy is a session drummer who tours and records in Europe with two-time Danish Music Award winner, Teitur. Patrick Cerria was drummer for the Hilly Kristal-managed Fossil, and is now a music teacher.

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