Vicious Beatniks: Courage, 1992-1994

Vicious Beatniks: Courage, 1992-1994

Dave Portolano: Vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Brian Lindgren: Guitars, vocals
Joe Kowalski: Bass
Joe Anderson, Dave Diamond: Drums


Side One
1. Can You Rise (Above It All)
2. If I Had A Son
3. Joan Of Arc (Was Self-Employed)
4. We All Lie Naked

Side Two
1. 25°
2. Doubt
3. Left Behind
4. Talk To The Ocean
5. Popcorn

Gotta admit I am guessing on the release date of this tape, but I’m probably close, since “25°” and “We All Lie Naked” were released as a double-A-side single that year.

This cassette is considerably more confident, hard-hitting and punk-influenced than Sampler; “25°” is positively ferocious!

The band is no longer active, but Brian Lindgren actively maintains a Facebook page with vintage live videos and other fun stuff.

UPDATE 1/16: Brian quickly responded to my Facebook post:

“Jim Santo I believe this was a compilation cassette assembled by Dave Portolano in 1994 or later. I am on only a few of these tracks, but the ones I am on were recorded in 1992. I’m on tracks 1 & 4 on Side 1 and tracks 1 and 3 on Side 2. We actually released a 7” 33-1/3 RPM vinyl disc in 1992 that includes “25 Degrees,” “We All Lie Naked” and a track called “Bureaucratic Rape.” From that same session, “Can You Rise (Above It All)” did not make the vinyl, but the four January 1992 tracks were released on an ultra rare cassette EP. If you’re curious I could send you a copy of the vinyl and the cassette. On to your other questions – Joe Kowalski played bass on at least the tracks I mentioned, and probably the others. Joe Anderson played drums on some tracks… possibly Dave Diamond (of the Mighty Underdogs) on others. Neither Drew Schmitt nor Paul Wilson was involved with these tracks. Jim Voigt (of the Cranks) played lead guitar on “If I Had a Son.” Dave (Portolano) released several of the other tracks on a 1992 cassette titled “In Blood and Bones,” which I believe you might have reviewed under a pseudonym* for The Music Paper back in the day.”

Vicious Beatniks: Courage, 1992

* My nom de plume, Andy Glass

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