Mobius Strip: Five songs, 1995

Mobius Strip: Five songs, 1995

‘Mobius Strip employ hip-hop beats, jazzy guitar, throbbing rock bass and space dinosaurs to build their mesmerizing sound. Imagine a cross between My Bloody Valentine, Roxy Music and Achtung Baby U2 and you’ll be getting there, then listen to “Bleed Electri” and hear a hybrid of orchestral Soft Machine, Art Of Noise and a sentient jellyfish. Most of this is instrumental, but Arrow and Christian open their mouths softly on “Remedy,” contributing little to the overall mood. Incredibly, the duo claim to have recorded this five-song opus “live in our garage on four track during Summer 1995.” The mind reels at what they could do in a first-rate studio.’ — Demo Universe, 1995

Arrow Kleeman & Christian (Xian) Hawkins: Guitars, Ensoniq EPS sampler, Roland drum machine

1. Infinity Nets
2. Remedy
3. Mirror
4. Bleed Electri
5. Brownian Motion

A year after this release, Kleeman and Hawkins joined the reformed Silver Apples, alongside founder Simeon and Michael Lerner (now of The Antlers). Xian Hawkins has since released five albums of solo material under the name Sybarite; Arrow Kleeman has also remained active in multiple fields, assembling a substantial catalog of music under his own name and as Lilienthal.

Note from Xian Hawkins

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