Jenifer Convertible: Tame, 1995

Jenifer Convertible: Tame, 1995

Lenny Zenith: Vocals, guitar
Jim Santo: Guitar, vocals
James Pertusi: Bass, vocals
Eddie Siino: Drums

1. Big Wheel
2. Maine
3. Closet/Death
4. Beg Off
5. Awakening From A Disturbing Dream

Recorded live to DAT by Al Houghton on a very hot day in the summer of 1995 at the original Dubway Studio on 8th Avenue, this EP captures JenCon in the period immediately after the departure that spring of original drummer Andy Moore. “Maine,” Andy’s not-dead-yet elegy, let me channel Jimmy Page; that’s one of my top fave recorded solos. “Big Wheel” was subsequently slowed down and rearranged for the Wharton Tiers-produced Wanna Drag? LP, which also included a new (and better?) recording of “Awakening.” The other three can only be heard here. I’m so glad we got a good recording of “Beg Off,” one of our strongest numbers at the time. I don’t know how many of these exist. Not many, I’m sure.

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