John Sosnowski: Politics In Wonderland, 1992

John Sosnowski: Politics In Wonderland, 1992

PERSONNEL: John Sosnowski, everything


Side A
1. Politics In Wonderland
2. Cruz Tenebrae
3. Fleet Street
4. None But The Faithful*
5. Twisted*
6. Blue Dogs*
7. Keeping In Touch*
8. T.*
9. Chapter 11

Side B
1. Trust Me (Lame Dub Mix)
2. Dust Motes
3. Tagged & Swelling
4. Different Tribes
5. The Chase Scene*
6. Waiting Room Only
7. Go Figure*
8. Mouth*
9. User Friendly

All songs ©1992 except * ©1990

Very early, pre-Web demo from Buffalo, New York’s John Sosnowski, who would later move to Michigan, plug into the cassette underground and re-emerge as cult-fave electronic composer Broca’s Area. You’ll be hearing a lot from Broca’s Area as this Universe unwinds; in the meantime, dig these home-recorded shred-rock instrumentals; although enjoyable in and of themselves — John is an impressively skilled and inventive lead guitarist — they offer only the slightest hint of what was to come.

John Sosnowski: Politics In Wonderland, 1992

John now lives in Annandale, Virginia and continues to make music. Check out his Youtube channel.

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