Davey Hull: Five songs, 1995

Davey Hull: Five songs, 1995

PERSONNEL: David Hull, everything?

Side One/Two
1. Word Game
2. Wealth

Side Two/One
1. Sprechen Sie Deutsch
2. Blue
3. Talking

This may have been the first recording I ever received from David “Davey” Hull, well prior to his move from Essex to Berlin. “Sprechen Sie Deutsch” skates on crude oil. “Blue” pleads, drones, and unravels. “Talking” actually rocks. “Word Game” is all clawing, crabbing Syd-guits; “Wealth,” a secret ceremony, shrouded in anxious fog, pummeled mad by drums. Just beautiful and weird.

Note: The sides are reversed on the J-card; my track listing follows markings on the cassette.

“This degree of strange might be intolerable to some, but it’s sweet music to these mutant ears.” — Demo Universe, 1995

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