Bite The Wax Godhead: Decaf Notorioso, 1992

Bite The Wax Godhead: Decaf Notorioso, 1992

Alec Cumming: Bass, acoustic guitar, vocals, crash cymbal & keyboards on “Today Show Tango”
Cynthia Harden: Programming, keyboards, vocals, flute & xylophone
Larry “Screech” Horowitz: Lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals

Featuring the talents of:
Doug Wolff: Saxophone on “Obvious Signs Of Decay”
Paul Rose: Electric guitar on “While I’m Dreaming”
Elizabeth Hughes: Drums & percission on “Outta My Life Again”, “Fool For Ya Baby” & Subtle Place
Vilnius Mantwerp: Drums on “Chocolate Cake”

About the songs…

B.T.W.G. was recorded live at CBGB’s, NYC, 4/13/1991. Engineered by Ron Ardito. Produced by BTWG.

Lies and Promises, Transportation, Obvious Signs Of Decay & Driving were recorded at Grampa Studios, Brooklyn, NY, 11/90. Engineered by Mick Cantarella. Produced by BTWG & Mick Cantarella.

Outta My Life Again, Subtle Place & Fool For Ya Baby were recorded at Grampa/Ear for Music, Brooklyn, NY, 9/91-11/91. Engineered by Mick Cantarella & Tim Cramer. Produced by BTWG.

“Today Show” Tango, Chocolate Cake & While I’m Dreaming were recorded at Hanging Gutter Garden Studio, Nutley, NJ, 2/90-3/90. Engineered by Paul Rose & Mike Bowman. Produced by BTWG.

Barbra Wore A Halter Top was recorded at Chung King House of Metal, NYC, 4/91. Engineered by Dary Sulrich. Produced by BTWG.

The Summer’s Over was recorded at Chung King 4/91 & Grampa 2/92. Engineered by Dary Sulrich and Mick Cantarella. Produced by BTWG.

Wasted Years was recorded on Alec’s 4-track, Spring ’91.

The recordings of Barbra and Summer’s Over appear courtesy of Chrysalis Records

“DECAF NOTORIOSO” is for demo purposes only.

Mastered by Mick Cantarella at Grampa, 2/7/92

Cover illustration/Design by Bowman-Stevenson Group.

Executive producer: Carble Yost


Side One:
1. B.T.W.G.
2. Lies and Promises
3. Outta My Life Again
4. Transportation
5. Subtle Place
6. “Today Show” Tango
7. Barbra Wore A Halter Top

Side Two:
1. Obvious Signs Of Decay
2. The Summer’s Over
3. Chocolate Cake
4. Fool For Ya Baby
5. Driving
6. While I’m Dreaming
7. Wasted Years

All songs © 1990/91/92 by Alec Cumming / Cynthia Harden

Alec Cumming is an old and dear friend; he was The Sharp Things’ bassist back when we thought we were going somewhere (that’s him on our difficult second album, Foxes & Hounds), played on the first Time Or Dirt single, and spent a year or so with me in the obvious sign of decay known as TORCHY. I first met Alec in late ’80s, when he was in The Hungry Dutchmen, but it was during the BTWG years that I really got to know him and his then-wife Cynthia Harden.

This cassette album may have been “for demo purposes only” but make no mistake: this is as well-produced as anything released in 1992. And it sounds as good as ever — actually even better than I remembered! Decaf Notorioso is a delightful fusion of Wilson/Bacharach pop mastery, indie rocking, disco, funk, and sassy white-girl rap. Just a ton of fun. Dig it.

OK, here’s where I mention Sunflower Bean, the band fronted by BTWG lovechild Julia Cumming. That should drive the hits up!

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