Babe The Blue Ox: B.O.X., 1992

Babe The Blue Ox: B.O.X., 1992

Hanna Fox: Drums
Rose Thomson: Bass
Tim Thomas: Guitar

This tape may include from zero to eight extra songs, depending.
This tape is an unmastered demo not to be sold or traded for crack.

All songs by Babe the blue OX (BOX) copyright 1992

1. Home
2. Honey-Do
3. Chicken Head Bone Sucker
4. Gymkhana
5. Waiting For Water To Boil
6. Tongue-Tied
7. Booty

Nobody who saw Babe the Blue Ox perform will ever forget the experience. One of the top bands on the New York scene in the early ’90s, BOX was a clattering, shattering whirlwind of scratchy math and grinning mayhem, with a disarming tendency to break into interludes of shimmering beauty.

These songs, perhaps even these exact recordings, were released by Homestead Records in 1993, as the greater part of the band’s debut LP, Box. That CD is out of print, but Babe The Blue Ox, gloriously, is still active, most recently issuing Guilty in 2013. You should buy that thing.

“It’s the power of love/It’s the power of booty”

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