Thrillcat: Thrillcat 3, 1992

Thrillcat: Thrillcat 3, 1992

Doug Grober: Drums
Mike Brayton: Vocals, ?
Cam Brennan: ?
Bill Rocamora: Vocals, ?

Produced performed and recorded by Thrillcat
Recorded during January 1992 at the MacColl 8-track studio in Providence, RI

1. Somebody Hold Me
2. Honeyface
3. Will You Be There
4. Give Me The Reason
5. You’re Jaking Me Around
6. Don’t Make Me Blue
7. It’s Only Love

“The band doesn’t play much anymore, to my dismay. Billy, one of the lead singers has moved to Philly and became a doctor. Mike, the other singer, moved to the San Fran Bay area a couple of years ago. The last I heard of Doug, the drummer, he is still in the NYC area. I think their music is much better than 90 percent of the crap on the radio today. Too bad.” — christine on, 2003

Top-notch pop-rock, vocal-focused and seasoned with funk, jazz, and blue-eyed soul. Think Little Feat, Squeeze, Posies (quite a think, I concede). “Honeyface” appears on the band’s 1993 CD LP oneword, which I owned at some point. “You’re Jaking Me Around” was included on 1995’s Green Thumb, which I didn’t. Another worthy outfit that didn’t catch a break. So it goes. Grober seems to have moved to Iowa and married a stunt woman. Brayton is a web designer and sound engineer in SF. Rocamora is, indeed, a Philly physician. Cam Brennan, I dunno.

Thrillcat 3, 1992

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  1. I love Oneword, still listen after stumbling across it in the studio when I was a dj in 94. Green Thumb wasn’t as good, but I’d LOVE to get ahold of this third effort!

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