Cessna 21: Noise Ethic, 1995

Cessna 21: Noise Ethic, 1995

Shane Baker: Everything

Side A
1. Song For Neal
2. Do You Think Of Me?
3. When You Go Home, His Hand Comes Down Again
4. 1st Aria

Side B same as A

“Cessna 21, a/k/a Shane Baker, is an old friend of Demorandum, having appeared in issues 66, 69, 77 (as Loveseat Glider) and 78. It’s been a long time since I’ve heard from him, though, so I was happy to get these two tapes in separate mailings a week apart. Shane is now married to Jennifer and the father of Sylvia Marie, and these cassettes represent his return to music after a period of inactivity. Like his earlier efforts, both are very lo-fi, having been recorded on a Singalodeon; but past timidity has been replaced with unfettered noise, especially on Noise Ethic: with its dinosaur bedsqueaks and softly entombed vocals, “When You Go Home” gives MBV a run for their money, while the wordless “Aria” features the nastiest guitar I’ve yet heard from Cessna 21.” — Demo Universe, 1995

Loud and noisy and crudely recorded on a cheap karaoke cassette recorder, Noise Ethic will be too much for some listeners. I find it fascinating and real, and exciting — which is why I’ve held on to it for 20+ years! What can I say? I love the sound humans make, even the ugly, painful ones.

I never heard from Shane again. Hope he’s doing OK.

7 thoughts on “Cessna 21: Noise Ethic, 1995

    1. Wow! It’s great to hear from you, Shane. I’m glad to learn you’re still chasing your muse, albeit in a different form. Thanks for getting in touch!

  1. I still have my Cessna 21 and Loveseat Glider tapes. I love them! Hello Jim. Hey Shane. I hope you are both well. I think I reviewed the Loveseat Glider tape in AP? I wonder what year that was? 95? It’s been a while. Thanks for putting these songs up here!!!

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