Jeff Krebs: Crash Ballads EP, 1995

Jeff Krebs: Crash Ballads EP, 1995

All songs by Krebs except * by Krebs / Taylor / Rohrbach

Recorded live to DAT at Black Eyed Pig, SF
Engineered by Kyle Statham
Cover illustration by Jeff Krebs
J-Card graphics by Philip Keppeler

1. Them Beautiful Strangers
2. Tuscaloosa Sam And The Crazy Pit*
3. Magdalena
4. Nothing
5. Another Piece

Hailing from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, singer/songwriter Jeff Krebs played in numerous bands and trekked across North and South America in the early ’90s before setting down in San Francisco to start a solo career with this unaccompanied, unadorned, intimate and arresting self-released 1995 cassette. Fleshed-out versions of “Beautiful Strangers” and “Nothing” appeared later the same year on his debut CD, Songs of Love and/or Death, with Krebs backed by Matt McCarthy on drums, and Philip Keppeler on bass. A follow-up, Keep an Eye Out, was released in 2001.

Sometime after that, Krebs made his way back to northern Michigan, started a family, found his calling writing music for kids, and reinvented himself as Papa Crow. Heads up to his contemporary fans: there’s some cussin’ in these songs!

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