Visible Elroy: Some Kind Of Jamoca? 1995

Visible Elroy: Some Kind Of Jamoca? 1995

Brent Fuscaldo: Everything


Side A
1. Vaccine
2. Tangelo
3. I Want You To Know
4. The Submarine
5. Far Ends
6. Holiday Spirit

Side B
7. To Drift Or Fly By
8. Autumn Kiss
9. Gash In Red
10. Light Beams
11. Kisser
12. Asbestos

Visible Elroy charmed me, then and now, with this ragged but honest slice o’ lo-fi psych-pop. More brash and energetic than your average home-taper, Brent clearly had a big sound in mind for Some Kind Of Jamoca?, even if he couldn’t quite get it on tape. But never mind that. For those who appreciate true lo-fi (both of you), this ribbon is rich in rewards. Zoom in on “Gash In Red”, “Light Beams”, “I Want You To Know”, and “Kisser”.

Fun fact! Also in 1995, Jenifer Convertible bandleader Lenny Zenith released a 45 by Visible Elroy, “To Drift Or Fly By” b/w “Holiday Spirit” on his and Anne Karle’s Puddle Records label.

Visible Elroy, 1995

Visible Elroy: Some Kind Of Jamoca? 1995

2 thoughts on “Visible Elroy: Some Kind Of Jamoca? 1995

  1. Very 1994-95 — in a good way. I got excited when this came up in a random playlist and I thought it was a new thing (I don’t know what all music is on my computer these daze). Less exciting as an old thing because this sounds like what lots of bands were doing then. Still nice, tho.

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