Mystery Friday Number Eight: Sorry Charlie!

Mystery Friday Number Eight: Sorry Charlie!

Welcome to another episode of Mystery Friday! You know the drill, so let’s get to it.

Tonight we have a rather impressive looking Maxell Studio Tape MS-20 cassette. Ten minutes a side, bitches! No idea what’s on it.

Side A:

1) The Rocker. Hard rock, almost metal. High tenor vocals. Chorus effect on the guitars, so ’80s? A whiff of early ’90s dissonance. Evident Led Zep influence. Decent solo. Slap bass break, ugh no. Not terrible, but I can’t pick out a title, so…lose.

2) The Ballad. Let’s call it “The Last Thing I See”. The mix on both songs is awful, hollow and veiled. Too much guitar. Drums sound like a plastic bat on a play pool: plop plop plop. The lead guitarist is damn good, though; hot n’ tasty. This band was better than they sound. Shame.

Side B:

Nothing on Side B. That was easy.

Yeah, so this is what happens when bands don’t label their cassettes. I lost your j-card (if there was one), your stupid press kit (there surely was), your band pic with big hair (ditto), and now you’ve missed a second chance at immortality. Sorry, Charlie!

Sorry Charlie

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