Idgit: So-Fist-Uh-Kate-Ed, 1997

Idgit: So-Fist-Uh-Kate-Ed, 1997

All songs written and recorded 4-track style by S. Stubblefield

All instruments played by S. Stubblefield except for:
“Newly Departed”, drums and back up vocals by Andrew Shcenck, organ and back up vocals by Hideki Inoue
“October Avenue”, violin by Jenifer Halenar
“Among The Nameless Faces”, Chuck Hatcher plats guitar, makimg all the cool sounds
“Shiner”, mandolin by Jenifer Halenar

Insert layout and design: Mike Dickinson


Side A
Intro To Things
Newly Departed
Two Sisters
A Poor Excuse For Albert Ray
(Bow’s In Your Gar) Just Like Spring
American Dream
Down On October

Side B
Among The Nameless Faces
I’m Afraid
I’m A Clown
Slipping Away
The Beautiful

RIYL: Sparklehorse, Robyn Hitchcock, Skip Spence, East River Pipe.

NOTE: This album is streaming only and ©1997 Chicken Ranch Records

One of the best things about this project has been rediscovering music that I loved 20, 30 years ago but had forgotten. Case in point, this magical 1997 cassette by Idgit, a/k/a S. Stubblefield. Creaky, ramshackle, melancholic and lysergic, So-Fist-Uh-Kate-Ed is an unsung masterpiece of lo-fi psych-folk — and I love it as much now as I did then.

Until this evening, I had not listened to, nor thought about, Idgit and Chicken Ranch Records in 19 years, so imagine my astonishment when I discovered both are still around and active:

STREAM: “Gettin’ High” by Idgit
Steven Stubblefield’s newly resurrected 1990s lo-fi project. Stubblefield is the front man of Indie-Americana band Starlings, TN, and also fronted Nashville based band Methadone Actors. (NOVEMBER 19TH, 2014)


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