Mystery Friday Number Six: How Many Fridays?

Mystery Friday Number Six: How Many Fridays?

Welcome to another edition of Mystery Friday, when I reach into the Box Of Unknown, pull out an unmarked cassette, play it, and attempt to describe it. Some of these tapes haven’t been played in more than 1,500 Fridays; who knows what’s on ’em? Not me, pal. Not me.

Tonight’s subject is a Sony HF 60 Type I Normal Bias cassette. As was customary, bits of Scotch™ tape cover each recording tab. I could record over this sucker right now. But no, I will listen to it instead. Here we go!

Side A
1. This is Tang S’Dang unplugged, rehearsing harmonies “Rear View”. The version on our Bigger & Harder CD was the only track I ever made money from, in the form of two BMI royalty checks totaling $69, for Australian radio airplay.

2. A sweet song I wrote that I had forgotten about until just now. Dunno the title; let’s call it “Private Eye”. We’re working on harmonies again. Just the opening, though, not the full song.

3. “Long Run”. A good Ricky song that we never properly recorded. Again with the harmonies.

4. “The Lovin’ Kind”. After more harmony work, Ricky tosses off a nice lead vocal on this great tune, which (surprise!) we never released.


OK this is the shit we recorded over. Moderately Gothic Mid-1980s Modern Rock, and all that implies. Hope this doesn’t last too lon


g. Big band jazz?!? “Tickle Toe” by Illinois Jacquet & His Big Band, says Shazam, just befo


re we’re back to the Brooding Modern Rockers. Shazam has no clue who this is, but this track is alright. Evidently I didn’t like it so much back in the ’80s, or I wouldn’t have taped over it. What’s that? Oh come on, get over it. What else was I supposed to do, throw it out? I’ve done that too, and it feels better to tape over, lemme tell ya.

Seems like this side is over. I wonder what’s on…

Side B

1. Eh, it’s this band again. Everything is so BIG in this mix. It’s THAT BIG ROCK SOUND. Not BIG AND TOUGH, no, BIG AND FLUFFY. Proggy bits in here, too. It’s like Mötorhead mushed with Rush, Love And Rockets, and whoever’s playing at McO’Spoonie’s this Wednesday night, mixed by the sound man at The Ritz circa 1988.


3. No. I’m going to spare us all Side B. There is no Side B. Side B never happened.

Mystery Friday #6

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  1. Well, there were some good moments in there! Sometimes there are old gems nestled in the detritus…

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