Shiva Speedway: 3 songs, 1994

Shiva Speedway: 3 songs, 1994

Dezaray DeCarlo: Vocals, guitar
Todd Katz: Bass
Pam Nicholas: Drums
Heidi Saperstein: Guitar

Recorded by John Wood at Bird Dog Studios, Allston, Mass., April 1994

Dirty Idea

UPDATE 4/29/2016: Al Crisafuli, owner of the micro-indie labels Dromedary and Sugar Blast, was a big fan of Shiva Speedway, considered releasing a single on Dromedary, and kept in touch with Heidi Saperstein after they broke up. He posted this account to the Dromedary blog in 2009:

Shiva Speedway eventually broke up, although I think I lost touch with Pam [Nicholas] long before that happened. Their singer, Heidi Saperstein, released two absolutely killer CDs on Kimchee Records (I received them both for my Jersey Beat column, and I believe I reviewed them both over the years). She’s since changed her name to Heidi Lee and is playing with a band called the SnowLeopards, a commercial rock/power pop band that cites Fleetwood Mac, The Bee Gees, and Motown among their influences.

In 2007, the music blog Muruch music blog posted several MP3s by Heidi Lee Saperstein and the SnowLeopards.

A bracing blast of mid-1990’s aggro from this mostly-female band out of the then-red-hot Cambridge scene. This interview from Dead Angel, and this one from Vacant, clues us in on where the band was coming from at the time. Fun reads, both.

Shiva Speedway put out a 7″, two split singles, and one CD, Psychic City (Fire Eater, 1999), before breaking up in 1999. (A posthumous split single appeared in 2001). The three songs on this cassette were never released on vinyl or CD.

As far as I have been able to determine, none of the band members went on to do anything musically; if they did, there’s no evidence of it online. (Except for Heidi Saperstein; see update, above) Which is a pity, because this was a great band! Into Sleater-Kinney, Sonic Youth, PJ Harvey? You’re gonna love this!

Shiva Speedway: 3-songs, 1994

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  1. Howdy:
    Just a point of clarification – I never met Heidi Saperstein and thus we didn’t keep in touch. I just admired her two solo records from afar (one of which was produced by Albini, if I remember), and knew who she was because I was such a fan of her previous band!

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