Mystery Friday Number Four: Naked Came The Cassette

Mystery Friday Number Four: Naked Came The Cassette

Welcome back to another episode of Mystery Friday, when I play a cassette tape from the box UNKNOWN and attempt to describe it.

Tonight we have a TDK SA-X 90. Jewel box is in very good condition; just a scuff on the spine. The cassette itself is in mint condition, unmarked in any way.

Sherlock couldn’t guess what’s on this tape. Let’s listen!

Side A

1. “Hypnotized” seems to be the title. Prog-pop, like Collins-era Genesis or Foreigner or Rush. Works for what it is.

2. “She’s Just Living” I am guessing. An earnest epic for musos that’s really OK.

3. A very ’80s “modern rock” thing. I’m going with “On Every Sidewalk” for the title. Superior pop-song craftsmanship on show here. I have admit I like it.

That’s it? Apparently so. Can’t imagine there’s anything on

Side B

1. Wow, I didn’t expect to hear anything! This has to be titled “Welcome”. Is this the same band? This is brighter and brasher, the mix is raw, with loud vocal.

2. Minor-key, sort of Latin feel. Paranoid lyrics. Let’s call it “Virus”. This can’t be the same band as on Side A, can it?

3. No way is this the same band on Side A. Kinda glammy number here. “High High High”? “La La La”? Whatever. Cool song.

4. Old style rock n’ roll ballad style. British feel, like old Bee Gees. Bass heavy.

5. Hmm this one is a bit like Side A, but still, more raw. “The Goose Is Out”? Sure. This is a little Duran Duran. Side B has a more “demo” sound compared to A. I really have no freaking idea what I am listening to.

6. “A Refugee”? “Security In Numbers”? One of them. Great rockin glam song.

7. “Acting Out” is an OK ’80s modern rock song with sort of a Springsteen feel. Not pleasant.

8. “Is There Something I Should Know?”: Stompy, sneering, like early Who and not half bad.

9. “Sylvia”: Psychedelic rock, man. This is my favorite song on the whole tape.

10. Yikes, big change of sonic space! Big room reverb on this one. “Why Do I Love You?”, “Don’t Put Out Your Fire”, “Sociarama” (?) could all be the title. Decent song.

And I guess we’re done.

OK, well, this is an odd one. I don’t remember any of these songs and cannot name the band. Maybe somebody out there knows. Side A might be a three-song studio recording, although the mix is muddy. Side B is obviously demos, but it’s the more satisfying side.

Mystery Friday #4

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