Jenifer Convertible: Live at CBGB, March 28, 1998

Jenifer Convertible: Live at CBGB, March 28, 1998

Lenny Zenith: Vocals, guitar
Jim Santo: Guitar, vocals
James Pertusi: Bass, vocals
Eddie Siino: Drums, vocals

Brutal Deeam
Pretty Dress
(I Made A) Mistake

On March 27, 1998, five days after five inches of snow fell on New York City, an extraordinary five-day warm spell began. Each day had high temperatures of 80° or higher. The high of 83° on March 27 was a record (Source: New York City Weather Archive).

So naturally, my band, Jenifer Convertible, who usually performed in t-shirts and jeans (or in my case, dresses) decided to go ahead with our plan to wear business suits onstage at CBGB the following night. In those days, CBGB had no air-conditioning. Can you hear us sweat?

This show was very unusual, in that we played no songs from our then-recently released debut LP, Wanna Drag?. The set consisted entirely of material from our next album, which was never recorded. (Three numbers performed that night were eventually recorded for a five-song EP, Fumes, that was mixed after the band had broken up. Lenny has just made those songs available for public download for the first time.)

Other notes:
“Brutal Dream” features me on lap steel.
I sing the lead vocals on “Anger,” a song I wrote that Lenny sang on Fumes.
“Lotion” is about the band.

Jenifer Convertible: Live at CBGB, March 28, 1998

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