The Cranks: Friends &…Enemies, 1989

The Cranks: Friends &…Enemies, 1989

The Cranks are:
Allen: Drums
Slim Crank: G & V
The Psychic: Bass

Names have been left alone to protect noone.

Photos by Scott Montgomery

Engineered and Produced by Jon Laterza
Assisted by Jim Cremmins

Special thanks to Rob and Dave at Duplication Spec.

Songs © 1989 Slim Music

Side 1:
Seoul Shuffle
Poor Adam
Three Sisters
Troubled Child
Has Anybody Got A Mirror?
Ship O’Shit

Side 2:
She Said She Loves Me
It Will All Come Back
Mr. Fool Goes To Washington
When The Mighty Fall
Pretzel Rod Boom
Thinkin Bout You

The Cranks were a quintessential Long Island underground rock band of the late 1980s: eclectic, irreverent and raucous. Highlights of this 12-song cassette include the country-tinged “Three Sisters”, the Chuck Berry-styled “Ship O’ Shit”, the power-pop of “She Said She Loves Me”, punker “Mr. Fool Goes To Washington” (especially relevant this year), and the howling blues-rock of “Pretzel Rod Boom”. Unusually, the j-card includes an advertisement for the upcoming release of Yanked, a recording that’s probably around here somewhere. Stay tuned for that.

Jim “Slim Crank” Voigt always called Carole “The Famous Carole”. Always loved that. Carole should be famous! Jim moved down south, and we lost touch; that happened a lot before the Internet. Allen went on to join The Skels. The Psychic? I dunno, help me out.

Update 4/1/2016: Jim “Slim Crank” Voigt is now James “Critic” Voigt, a well-known and much-loved FM radio DJ in Charleston, S.C.; and The Psychic has identified himself as Tony Barrasso, of Islip Terrace, NY. Like my Facebook page for more startling commentary!

The Cranks: Friends & Enemies

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