The Sporting Bachelors: Vol. II (Live, Drunk and No Excuses)

The Sporting Bachelors: Vol. II (Live, Drunk and No Excuses)

Paul Nero: Lead vocals, tambourine, harmonica
John Battaglia: Lead guitar, background vocals
Joe “Killer” Kowalski: Bass, background vocals, suds
Bill “Wee Willy” Smallcombe: Rhythm guitar
Glen Roan: Drums

Recorded “live” at the Bachelor Pad
May 7, 1988

Photographs by Chris Gillen

Side A
Lies Lies
She’s Changed
Some Somnabulist
Burning Barn
Lovers But Not Friends
Cry In The Night
.38 Caliber Kiss
Nervous Breakdown

Side B
Never Again
Roses Are Red
I’m Goin’ Home
How Long Will It Take
Look But Don’t Touch

It doesn’t happen to me so much anymore, but when I would find myself in the presence of an Actual Rock n Roll Band — not a mere gathering of future assistant managers and dentists, nah, a Group with No Future, baby — there was no mistaking the vibe: The clothes, the guitars, the booze, the sex, the drugs, the hustle, the hair, the beat the beat the beat. Guitars slash and burn the girls burn and slash.

The Sporting Bachelors were an Actual Rock n Roll Band. From Long Island, a place rather good at spawning such beasts. They played a raunchy brew of Stooges, Seeds, and Cramps, and found their home in the adult film industry, making Music To Fuck To.


I don’t know who the young lady is on the front of the j-card. Is it Joanna Storm, of Love Letters fame? Or just some random stripper? The handy fellow is also unknown to me. Any help would be appreciated.

The Sporting Bachelors, being an Actual Rock n Roll Band, were doomed. Much drugs was done, much sex was had, the ’80s became the ’90s, and Paul died young. Rest In Punk


I got a few of their tapes here, so if you want to hear more, gimme some FB luv. And leave some comments, will ya? Sheesh.

7 thoughts on “The Sporting Bachelors: Vol. II (Live, Drunk and No Excuses)

  1. Absolutely love their “Love Letters to Joanna” LP, so I’m excited to get to listen to this. They should have been a much bigger deal. Also, that young lovely on the cover is definitely not Joanna Storm but I am not quite sure who she is.

    Anyways, thank you so much for this post!

  2. Hey Jim,
    John Battaglia is the guy on the cover of the Jcard.
    He has passed away. Paul Nero also passed away.

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