Squirrels From Hell: 7 songs + Live at Nightingales, 09.28.1996

Squirrels From Hell: 7 songs + Live at Nightingales, 09.28.1996

WILL: Bass, vocals
Joe Con: Guitar, vocals
Roger Morrison: Guitar, vocals on “So Happy”
Darian Minnick: drums

Side A:
Sleep Disturbance
Things We Had
So Happy
Every Day

Side B:
Live at Nightingales, 09.28.1996

UPDATE 3/25/2016: Side A is SFH’s 1996 demo cassette Evil Genus, which is probably around here somewhere. Thanks to Roger for this info!

“The Band New York Couldn’t Kill” reminds us why on this astounding document of the band’s classic mid-’90s line-up. Side A is a seven-song set of studio recordings; on the flip, a scorching, punishing set at the inescapable Nightingales. “I beat my dreams to death” howls WILL. “Seems our dreams are disappearing,” wails Joe Con. “Never gonna happen” they chant, as the band smolders, catches fire, and detonates. Bleak Despair! Lethal Art Rock! Holy Hamsters, this tape is Hot.

The B set list is not recorded, but I’m sure WILL will help us out in the comments if we ask nicely, especially if I mention the skull-splitting version of “Elevator” that rips up the room mid-set. Righteous. R.I.P. Joe Con

UPDATE 3/25/2016: Here’s the set list, as recorded by Roger 20 years later:

Squirrels From Hell 1996 set list

If anyone can identify song #10 in the live set, that’d be great.

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