The Hungry Dutchmen: S/T, 6 songs, 1988

The Hungry Dutchmen: S/T, 6 songs, 1988

Tony Faske: Vocals
Alec Cumming: Bass, backing vocals, teeth
Paul Rose: Guitars
Cynthia Harden: Keyboards
Mike Bowman: Drums

Produced by The Hungry Dutchmen
Engineer: John Rosenberg
Recorded & mixed at Water Music, Hoboken


Fancy Songbird
Quiet Times
Goin’ Crazee
Give It To Me!
Caught Unprepared
Whenever We Reminisce

The Hungry Dutchmen was the first band I ever reviewed; I need to check to see if this is the first tape. Let’s assume that’s true. What a great start!

This is exciting, polished power-pop, influenced by The Kinks, Graham Parker, Elvis Costello, Beatles, and such. “Quiet Times” is anything but, Alec’s thrumming bass contrasting nicely against Cynthia’s twinkling keys. (Alec and Cynthia were married for a while; their daughter Julia sings and plays bass for Sunflower Bean.) “Goin’ Crazee” is swingin’ fun, with a snappy vocal from Tony, but “Give It To Me!” does it one better. This is power pop!

I can still picture the Dutchmen onstage at little McGovern’s Bar on Spring Street, the night Eric Neher brought me to see his friend Tony’s band. What a thrill that was!

Alec went on to start Bite The Wax Godhead with Cynthia; played bass for The Sharp Things for a few years, appearing on Foxes & Hounds; and more recently, tore space and time asunder my band, TORCHY. Mike Bowman, who did the great cover art on this cassette, and who as MJB became a key figure in cassette culture, no longer makes music, preferring to focus exclusively on his spectacular paintings. You’ll be hearing more from both of them in the weeks to come!

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  1. Hey Jim (or should I say Andy…) this was not the first demo… the first tape in 1987 had a different guitarist (from Hoboken band Bell Book and Candle), no keyboards, and featured our MTV song “Alone on a Saturday Night”…

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