The Aquanettas: The Aquanettas Kill Anthrax, four songs, 1988

The Aquanettas: The Aquanettas Kill Anthrax, four songs, 1988

Deborah Schwartz: Vocals, guitar
Jill Richmond: Guitar
Claudine Troise: Bass
Stephanie Seymour: Drums, back-up vocals

Black On Blonde
That Ain’t Right
Connecting Line

With their catchy, no-frills, Stones/Animals-influenced rock n’ roll, sassy stage presence and hippy-punk fashion sense, The Aquanettas were an “it” band on the late ’80s/early ’90s downtown scene, regularly packing them in at clubs like Nightingales and CBGB, touring nationally, and scoring a “major indie” deal with Vancouver-based Nettwerk Records to release their debut LP, Love With A Proper Stranger, in 1990.

All four songs on this cassette appear on Love With A Proper Stranger, but given this tape is dated two years before that album’s release, it’s not clear whether these are the same recordings as on the LP. Perhaps someone in the band can enlighten us?

The Aquanettas Kill Anthrax cover

The title of this tape is a joke on the fact that it was dubbed over a promo cassette for State Of Euphoria by Anthrax, released the same year on Island Records, where Aquanettas drummer Stephanie Seymour was employed at the time. (Quite by coincidence, a 12″ promo single by Anthrax sits right next to The Aquanettas in my vinyl collection!)

Alas, Anthrax outlived The Aquanettas, who broke up in 1995.

Anthrax: State of Euphoria promo cassette cover

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  1. These are definitely demos, as per a lengthy Facebook discussion with Steph. But it did include the final band line-up. The baseline on the Faults demo version is a lot different than what we ended up releasing on Nettwerk. Also, we ended up being Nettwerk/IRS in the States, but I think it was just Nettwerk in Canada. Thanks for the nice review!


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