Lifehouse: S/T, 3 songs, 1990

Lifehouse: S/T, 3 songs, 1990

Tony Taylor: Guitar
Perry Serpa: Vocals
Ron Rossnick: Bass
Steve Gonzalez: Drums

Produced by Jim Sabella at Sabella Recording Studios
Engineered by Chris Albert

Tempered And Tortured
Goodbye, Superman

Long before The Sharp Things strings and glockenspiels, Perry Serpa was a long-haired, leaping gnome, fronting a Queens-based melodic hard-rock band named Lifehouse. (The name was taken from an unfinished Pete Townshend rock opera; many years later another band would do much better with it.) Serpa’s powerful pipes are instantly recognizable, as are his gift for melody and inventive lyrics, most vividly demonstrated on the indelible “Trevor.” Props also to guitarist Tony Taylor, who turns in a stellar performance, and to the solid, heavy groove of Ron Rossnick on bass. The late Steve Gonzalez kicks off this excellent tape, and is a dominant presence throughout. I wish he was still around to hear this one more time.

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